Premium Star Quad Microphone Cable


Premium Star Quad Microphone Cable

from 39.47

These Cables are made from Canare L-4E6S star quad wire and finished with Neutrik NC3-XX-B Series XLR connector. Gold plated contacts. Rip-Tie Velcro tie is also included for easy handling when coiled. 

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Standard Color coded lengths.

8in- Black
1.5ft- Brown
3ft- Red
6ft- Orange
10ft- Yellow
15ft- Yellow
20ft- Green
25ft- Green
30ft- Blue
50ft- Purple
75ft- Gray
100+ft- White

All cables are built to order please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Note: All Cables come with a lifetime warranty on the connector. Should any of the solider joints fail, send us the cable and we will fix it and ship it back at no cost. We only fixed cut cables if they are near the end of the connector, or if you are ok with two shorter cables, extra charges will apply for connectors.

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