We provide



We are able to provide high quality sound from small venues to very large venues. We strive to deliver the best audio quality to the performer as well as to every seat in the house. Our inventory of consoles, speakers, and microphones allow us to cover the needs of any type of event.



Every event has its own unique lighting requirements. We are here to help you achieve the right look and special effects for your event and venue.



Our services also include video projection, IMAG camera coverage, video recording, and multi-input switching for your event. We provide whatever level of video services needed from small to large events.


We have a Biljax staging system. Contact us to set up staging for your venue, in whatever size is needed for your event.


We offer recording

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Production Supplies

We offer a range of production supplies in our online shop. Click the link below to buy Duracell ProCell batteries, gaff tape, spike tape, electrical tape, microphone tape, and alcohol wipes.



If your venue is in need of a new audio, lighting, or video system, we are here to help. Contact us for a consultation and quote. We also can assist in repairs to existing systems and equipment.


If you need a specific cable, adapter, or case for any of your equipment, contact us, and we can order it or make it for you.