AVID SC48 with IOx Card

Yamaha LS9 32

Soundcraft GB2 16R, 32

Mackie 24-4

Mackie PPM 1012

Crate PX-800DP 



Dolby Lake Processors 8x8, 4x12


Drawmer: DL441, DS404, DS501

DBX: 2231, 2131, 215

Eventide Eclipse

TC Electronics: M2000, M-One, D-Two

TDM Plugins: WAVES, MCDSP, SPL, MAAG Audio. 



EAW KF 850e - RCF Drivers

EAW SB 850  - RCF Drivers

EAW SB 1000 2x18" - RCF Drivers

EAW SM400 Wedges 2x12" Driver 2" Horn

Yamaha DXR15 

QSC K12, K10

JBL SRX 718s


Shure SM58, SM57, SM81, Beta 58, Beta 57, Beta 52, Beta 91, Beta 98

Audix OM7, OM5, OM3, OM3xb, i5, D6, D4, D2, SCX-1c, SCX-1HC

Sennheiser e609, e604

Radial DI ProDI, Pro48, ProAV

Mic stands: K&M, Atlas, and Whirlwind Connect with Atlas LO2B quick releases

All cables are hand built. Mic cables are built with Canare Star Quad cable and terminated with Neutrik gold contact XLRs.

Snake system is hand build with Ramtech Ramlatch connectors with Ramtech standard pin configuration.

Wireless Microphones

Wireless Systems

Shure UHF-R:  UR4D, UR2- Beta 58, UR1

Sennhiser EW500 w/ASA-1 antenna distribution

Profesional Wireless Helical 


DPA d:Fine, 4061 Shure Plug

Q Audio DA12 Head mics Sennheiser, and Shure Plug

Countryman B3 Lav -Sennhieser Plug

Specialty Mics:

Audix M1255-S Supercardiod Hanging Choir Mic High Output

Audix MB5050 50" Carbon Fiber Boom with M1250B Hypercardiod

WAW Piezo Tap transducer


Audio equipment for Broadway/Theater:

Mac Pro wth Q-LAB- Audio, Video and MIDI control Cueing software 10ch of XLR Outputs,

Custom USB xKeys Controller for QLab

Headphone Amps for off stage chorus